Clear Bra & Ceramic Pro

Clear Bra PPF -Paint Protection Film


We are now installing 3M & Xpel Clear Bra - Invisible Paint Protection film for Model 3, Model S, & Model X.

We are using only the best films, 3M Scotchgard Pro Series and Xpel Ultimate. Both have a 10 year warranty.


We have very competitive pricing offering many packages for TESLA vehicles. Packages start at $899 Call us for details.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

RPM Tesla is now installing Ceramic Pro by Nanoshine. We install this nanotechnology to protect your Tesla's paint.


This process begins with paint correction, then Ceramic Pro is installed in 2 layers. We install it on your TESLA's base paint and or over your Clear Bra Paint Protection Film. Then we bake it in with our infrared heating system until its fully cured.  

We offer a 2 year and 10 year guaranteed programs. Call us for details and pricing.